Our ad has been pulled off TV

I have just received the news that our recent crime scene awareness advert has been pulled off TV due to a handful of complaints received by some viewers.

I concede that those complaints which related to the earlier time slots given to us by DSTV which potentially exposed children to the advert, were reasonable. But may I read you one of the complaints not related to the time the ad was broadcast:

“Die DNA advertensie is vieslik! Ek was nou so ontsteld. Dit is uiters swak om so iets op my gunsteling kanaal te sien. Nee man!!”

(Rough Translation: “The DNA ad is disgusting! I was so upset now. This is very bad for me to see something like this on my favorite channel. No man!!”)

This one amused me. Picture this person sitting in their lounge outraged by the image they have just seen on TV; an image portrayed by an actor, whilst outside real people are being serially murdered and raped.  I am willing to bet you, that no outcry will be heard from this lounge in respect of the latter. But one bad image on their favourite TV channel, and they take the time to write a complaint to ensure that the advert is taken off TV.

If this kind of vociferous reaction, aggressive response and call to action was taken by more South Africans against the real, existing issue of rape and murder in our country, can you imagine what a force we would be? We could collectively stand up and insist on Parliament passing DNA legislation which makes it mandatory for all suspects to have their DNA profiles taken and entered onto a database at arrest, just as they do with fingerprints. Or we could stand up for greater crime scene awareness so that not only police but private security companies and the general public, amongst others,  stop desecrating crime scenes and destroying and damaging critical evidence that could potentially link these rapists and murderers to the crimes they have committed thus ensuring that they are prevented from doing it again. And again.

So this is what I have to say in response:

Die misdaad in SA is vieslik! Ek was nou so ontsteld. Dit is uiters swak om so iets in my gunsteling land te sien. Nee man!!

Radio 702 have asked me to discuss this on their breakfast show this Sunday @ 8.10am with Udo Carelse and I will bring this up as well as other issues that the advert has raised. (This can also be heard on Cape Talk 567am)

I am as ever an eternal optimist (why else would I do this!!??), so in ending may I say that the positive aspect is that the advert has created conversation around an issue that needs greater awareness in our country. Job well done.

Vanessa Lynch

p.s. – Ironically, this last weekend, The Weekend Argus and  Saturday Star ran a half page complimentary feature on our ad, which was neither solicited nor requested by us. They thought our ad was “Told with Conviction”. See below:

5 Responses to “Our ad has been pulled off TV”

  1. Ronell Myburgh says:

    Ignorance – this truly is a magnificent ad and the only reason people complain is because they can’t face reality. It depicts exactly how this kind of crime is committed everyday, silent and violent.There are far more violent and other more hideous visuals on TV. This really is so frustrating! Why can’t Shout and Lead SA not do anything about this. If we could stop the eToll how can we keep it on the screen!

  2. Solly says:

    “Papa wag vir jou” ad is Ok, but this is not? Science is available, lets use it.

  3. I am in full support of the DNA Project Advert. One only has to turn to one of the 3 channels on DSTV to view the more graphic side of mayhem and death in full blaring, colour with dramatic sound effects to boot – so why the squeamish comments? . The advert is thought provoking and gets people talking – in this regard the DNA Project has achieved its aim. It such a pity that it could not continue with the campaign. The Project promotes justice and by acting against it show a decided lack of common sense and understanding of the aims of the Project. Keep up the good work – may your organisation go from strength to strength.

  4. Vanessa says:


    People should wake up to the reality of our country and start believing that this type of thing happens out there. Needless to say that someone like the DNA project is actually doing something about it rather than sitting back and waiting for it to happen to them or better yet packing up and leaving this ” my eie land”.

  5. Vanessa says:


    I work in this environment every day and see things that makes this add look minor. We want to hide reality from our children but allow them to look at sex,rape, murder, torture and all kinds of movies on TV. Wake up, DNA might save your child or wife’s life!!

    I support the DNA project because everyday somewhere in SA crime destroys a life / lives and leaves scars visible for years. Keep up the good work and fight the good fight.

    The advert has to be realistic to make people take notice … it is an unfortunate truth of our society,….. most crime scenes look MUCH worse than what was depicted. The amount of blood shown in the ad is minimal! They did try to minimize it, but cannot remove it completely!

    Never mind the (somewhat ignorant) opinions. DNA evidence so often speaks for those who are no longer here to speak for themselves – these are the voices that are important. You do wonderful work, DNA Project.