Join us tomorrow, 15th May for exciting awareness event

Our mission this year is to raise crime scene awareness and the importance of preserving DNA evidence: to support the message of the TV ad recently shown on TV the creative team at FoxP2 conceptualized an activation to represent the loss and damage that first on crime scene responders as well as the general public can effect to evidence left at a crime scene.

Ready to Roll at 6am

The activation will take place on Tuesday, 15th May 2012 between 6am – 8am at the Cape Town Train Station and will show how the lack of proper preservation of a crime scene can destroy valuable evidence and the chance of a conviction.  The video of the activation will be posted on YouTube and sent to media soon thereafter.

The activation will consist of a large (8m x 6m) sand box filled with tiny stones of various colours depicting a mug shot of a convict holding up an ID board.  This box will be placed in the busy open hall area of the Cape Town Metrorail station.  Commuters will be encouraged to walk over the box, thus blurring the mug shot and making it increasingly difficult to see the convicts’ face.  The idea gets the public involved in demonstrating how disturbing a crime scene can prevent criminals from being identified.

Commuters walking over the box and disturbing the image will be captured using time-lapse video, and edited into a viral which will be played at high speed in under one minute and used in a viral campaign over the social media network to spread awareness.

The identity of the perpetrator has been lost..
The identity of the perpetrator has been lost..

Please come down to the station to support this important initiative.

with thanks

Vanessa Lynch

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  1. Awesome creative work, well done to the agency and of course to a brave client, Love your work !