URGENT: submissions required from the public

The closing date for public submissions on the new DNA Bill has been moved forward to Monday 19th January 2009. The DNA Project is appealing to all members of the public as well as affiliated anti-crime organisations to urgently submit their support of the new DNA Bill to before the close of business on Monday 19th Jan ’09. A copy of the Criminal Law (Forensic Procedures) Amendment Bill (B2 of 2009) can be accessed on

Particular support is required in the following areas:
1. stating that the Bill has reached a balance between the rights of the individual and the rights of society ie finally the rights of the citizens of SA have been considered first and foremost.

2. Support for the principles of the Database and the use thereof for criminal investigation

3. Support of the fact that the DNA sample and profile must be indefinitely stored in respect of convicted felons, person arrested and suspects.

Similarly, submissions must be made to the Minister of Finance to support the implementation of the Bill and to specifically ring fence the DNA & fingerprint expansion program budget allocation inĀ  the SAPS vote for this purpose. Furthermore that, the 5 year budget allocation should commence starting 1 April.

Submissions to the Finance Minister can be done on the following website

PLEASE MAKE YOURSELF HEARD. Together we can make a tangible difference in SA by ensuring the implementation of this groundbreaking Legislation.

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