Newsflash Dec 2008

It was whilst drafting the annual news-letter, that I received a call from the Department of Justice, advising me that the new DNA Bill had been adopted by Cabinet. I sat there, alone, and screamed out loud, as this was but a distant vision 4 years ago. I wonder how many of you reading this newsletter, have heard me talking about the critical importance of changing legislation in SA to accommodate a National DNA Database? I hope that you too scream out loud when you read this news, as without this fundamental change in legislation, the future potential of a National DNA Database will remain a dream. It is a wonderful way to end an otherwise tumultuous year – the adoption of the new Bill provides hope for the New Year as it paves the way towards crime resolution, detection and prevention. But the adoption of the Bill now requires public submissions, and lots of them, commenting on the Bill – and it is here that each one of you reading this newsletter, must take a stand and make the time to email your submissions to Parliament ? as to why you think it is fundamental that this law is passed in SA. Your email will not be one in a string of unread emails that circulates endlessly, crying out for a change. Your email WILL EFFECT that change, and the more people you appeal to and ask to comment on the Bill, the more chance we have of ensuring that the Bill is passed by Parliament in February 2009. A copy of the Bill can be accessed on If ever there was a time to tangibly make a difference in SA, it is now. Please – make yourself heard.

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