Young Science Communicator’s Competition

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The Young Science Communicator’s Competition (YSCC) specifically challenges young scientists and researchers between the ages of 18 and 35 to communicate their world to a larger audience beyond their scientific community. Scientists are by nature passionate people. This can be reflected in the way stories are told and communicated. You, the scientist, can engage and excite your community about your science. You can connect and show your science is relevant to people in their everyday lives.

SAASTA recognise that different media can be used to convey messages about science. This year’s competition awards four categories:


As a traditional mode of communication, print media can reach a wide readership and interest the public in science and science-related issues.


Radio has far-reaching potential into areas where other forms of communication may be limited, such as in rural communities. Successful radio communication conjures up the “theatre of the mind”.


The viral nature of popular and entertaining videos that are spread by social media and e-mail makes them a highly effective method of reaching many people in a short period of time.


Other effective forms of communication include drama, song, poetry, cartoons and more.

*Please see the competition rules for more information relating to the submission of entries for each category.

CLOSING DATE: 5 January 2015

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