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  1. My husband was violently murdered last year. We still dont have the results for his DNA and it is nearly 10 months later. How can justice be served if we do not have a system to treat every crime with the same importance as the others. As it is a fact that Leigh Matthews DNA results were back within a month, it is nearly 10 months and we still do not have a result yet.

    • Vanessa says:

      Dear Desire
      We followed your case up with the Forensic Lab in Pretoria and we reported back to you last week that they had in fact processed your husband’s DNA but unfortunately DNA analysis attempts on the tissue- and blood samples of the deceased were unsuccessful. This is sadly often the outcome when the deceased is burnt beyond recognition. There may be specialized private labs who could possibly render results on badly burnt remains and in order to release the remaining sample for private analysis, the laboratory requires written permission from the Prosecutor in the matter. Once this permission has been supplied to the Lab, arrangements can be made for collection.
      The DNA Project Team