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Operation: SC@T!

Mon, Dec 8th, 2014

SC@T means “Securing a Crime scene @ Traffic incidents”.

On June 2nd, the DNA Project launched the first of several sessions at the Gene Louw Traffic Training College in Brackenfell, Cape Town. Operation SC@T had been specially designed to combine Crime Scene Awareness concepts and actions with the activities of Traffic Officers.

Increasingly, traffic incident scenes (TIS) are found to have an underlying criminal basis – these include crimes such as motor vehicle theft (MVT), hijacking, sexual assault and human trafficking, among others.

SC@T workshop in action with Dr Rebello.

One hundred and forty two (142) experienced and trainee officers who work in the Cape Town area attended the interactive sessions.

Officers were told that it is virtually impossible to not leave evidence at a crime scene. Often the evidence is in a biological form and therefore not “obvious”.

Examples of evidence items include clothing, cigarette ends, chewing gums, empty bottles and papers found in the vehicle.  These common items contain DNA from skin cells, blood, hair and saliva cells left there by the victim and perpetrator(s).

The take-home message for the officers was clear:  DNA CSI

Traffic officers testing their knowledge in an interactive Q&A session.

DDo not touch!

NNote and Record

AAssist others

C Careful! Contamination!

S SC@T – secure the crime scene

IInsist no-one interferes

In recognition of “SECURING the crime scene”, there were discussions on the practical aspects of doing this.  Following an assessment at the end of each session, the Officers were each given a “goody-bag” containing a certificate, a lanyard and glossy information booklet.

Dr Renate Rebello – Western Cape Trainer

NOTE: If you wish would like to book one of our new SC@T workshops for your Traffic Department or College, please contact our National Co-ordinator Maya Moodley at