SAPS put out tender for private labs to assist state forensic labs

The following bid has been published by the  SAPS:
·         Supply & delivery of forensic items, consumables & reagents to the SAPS Forensic Science Laboratory: Q19/1/9/1/5TD (10) has been published on Friday 2010-07-02 and the closing date is 2010-08-03. Interested vendors must  please contact Ms Jacobeth Majola at 012 8417459 and make arrangements to collect the bid  specification documents

This bid  consists of all sorts of DNA consumables, reagents, kits, containers etc. Furthermore it calls for bids on:
·         DNA analysis of non-intimate reference samples for submission to the SAPS to load onto the National DNA Database of South Africa (NDDSA)
·         Competency Testing for taking non-intimate DNA samples  (training of official to take non-intimate samples)
·         Archiving & retrieval service  for forensic files and documents

Private laboratories and medical training facilities are encouraged to participate in this process.

7 Responses to “SAPS put out tender for private labs to assist state forensic labs”

  1. Leigh says:

    Good day, my fiance passed await on 10-09-2013 and to date the blood results have not been finalized. Who do I speak to, where do I go to get answers? His Life Policy will not pay out without confirmation of cause of death and I am battling to maintain our son and I on one salary.

  2. Mmabatho says:

    Hi, i have a question to ask, my mom passed away 19 october 2012, still today we have been waiting for the result, they told us we will find the result after e weeks but even today still no answer still today we dont know what is the cause of my mothers death, the police man who is carrying this case only gave us the document that says, (Pending Histology and texology)which we dont even know what the two means even the police man doesnt know the meaning of this two words, i have i asked him so when will we get the reall result the cause of death of my mother, he only said to me MAYBE after a year, a year is impossible, how can it take such a long time just find the result this is not fair.I am asking if the lab can just help me find my mothers results please even if it cost me to do with the private labs its fine we will do it, my grand mother is now suffering sick after the death of her child, shes always crying about when will she know about the cause of her child. Please we need help, as long as we can just find the truth i believe my mom will also rest in peace i dont care how much it cost for the truth to come out as long as we can find the truth. My contacts are 079 1506456.My name is Granny from Polokwane. PLEASE.

    • Vanessa says:

      In order for me to follow up your case please send me:
      Case Number, Date of Death and full name of deceased as well as the name of the Police Station where the death was reported. If you know which state mortuary handled the case please send that too.
      Thank you.
      Vanessa Lynch

  3. Brenda says:

    I have been following this discussion about SAPS needing help from private labs to assist with DNA extractions. Today, I got so disappointed to find out that the notice to tender was out on the 2nd of July 2010 and I was still in the process of trying to formulate a company so I can also stand a chance to bid. Do you think I could stand a chance or its only the people that already have established companies that need apply? How many labs is SAPS looking to outsource in this regard? Thanks

    • Vanessa says:

      Service providers are advised to submit their questions and concerns to the office of SAPS SCM (Ms Jacobeth Majola) where the bid documents were collected.

  4. Paul says:

    What does this mean for the DNA Project?

    • Vanessa says:

      A dynamic common to most countries that implement forensic DNA databases is the necessary development of a private sector market.  This is a natural result of the passage of database legislation.  Few country laboratory infrastructures were designed with forensic DNA databasing in mind. And the passage of legislation results in an immediate and large volume of offender testing that needs to be accomplished in order for the database to be effective.  Also, offender sample testing is conducive to automation and doesn’t require the same level of “bench” expertise that law enforcement crime scene specialists should be doing.  Ultimately, private sector automation is a more cost effective way to approach such testing.  The development of a private sector market contributes to cost efficiencies.  In the United States, when databasing first began, offender samples were being analyzed at approximately $80 per sample.  Because of competition, samples are now analyzed at less than $30 per offender sample.

      The DNAP has engaged widely with private forensic labs throughout South Africa who are willing to assist the state labs with their throughput capacity. We welcome this move by the state forensic labs to explore future private-public partnerships in order to facilitate the backlog and implementation plan proposed by the police to the portfolio committee to ensure the ultimate success of the legislation.