Ride for the Cause and order your cycling shirt now

We receive so many compliments as well as questions about our cause when riding in our DNA Project cycling shirts, that we have been asked to put our order details and design on the website again so that people can order their own cycling shirts and Join the Ride!

Please contact Maya Moodley on maya@dnaproject.co.za and she will email you the necessary details. The shirts are sold at cost at R420/shirt, excluding post and packaging.

Hope to see you on your bike soon!

with thanks


2 Responses to “Ride for the Cause and order your cycling shirt now”

  1. Chantell Henning says:

    I have purchased the DNA project cycling shirt to promote awareness in the Eastern Cape about the DNA project here. I have worn it at the gym and at work on casual day and have had many questions from individuals who would like to know more about the project. I have referred them to the website for further info.

    I will be wearing the cycling shirt again during an upcoming spinathon for charity hoping that it also makes individuals take an even greater interest in the DNA project and the objectives of the DNA Project.

    • Vanessa says:

      Thank you so much for this positive feedback! It is wonderful to hear that the cycle shirts is creating awareness and we thank you for teh part you have played in this. Keep spinning and spreading awareness!