New Training DVD: from crime scene to courtroom

This week we are shooting our new Crime Scene Awareness Training DVD in and around Cape Town. With the support and co-operation of SAPS, the FSL, the NPA and of course the DNA Project team, we will be chatting to forensic scientists, CSI’s, prosecutors and crime scene experts. This training DVD will cover actual cases and will gather information around the issue of how we can all help secure and protect valuable forensic evidence on a crime scene.

We are extremely grateful to our amazing funders, The Change a Life Trust for funding this critical project as well as the ever generous Tim Hancock Trust for assisting us when we almost didn’t have enough funds to go ahead with the production! We will be sharing the week with all of our DNAP followers as we take you through the journey with us: from crime scene to courtroom.

Watch this space, share, like and educate – crime scene awareness and the importance of preserving evidence on a crime scene is one of the biggest challenges in South Africa – and one in which we can all be part of resolving.

Vanessa & The DNA Project Team

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