Exciting new qualification in Forensic Science at The UFS

The University of the Free State has recently been granted approval to offer an undergraduate degree in Forensic Science – the first of its kind in South Africa!

Vanessa Lynch & Carolyn Hancock of The DNA Project with members of the Forensic Dept at the launch of the Hons degree in 2010

Vanessa Lynch & Carolyn Hancock of The DNA Project with members of the Forensic Dept at the launch of the Hons degree in 2010

The degree will be a 3-year B. Sc. degree in Forensic Sciences.  The curriculum offered will be as follows:

1st year – The foundational year will involve the study of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

2nd year – During the second year of study students will take modules in Genetics, Chemistry, and Forensic Science. The Forensic Science module will include an introduction to Forensic Science, Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Photography and applicable legislation).



3rd year – Students will choose between third year modules in Genetics or Chemistry. In addition they will complete advanced modules in Forensic Science (including ballistics), Physical Evidence (including the study of imprints and fiber analysis), Forensic Entomology and DNA Forensics.

For admission to this degree students require an AP score of 34 and an accumulated score of 17 for Maths, Physical Science and Life Science.

Forensic Hons Student at the UFS

Forensic Hons Student at the UFS

A maximum of 80 students will be admitted per year. Students have to apply before September 30th 2013 for admission in 2014.

On completion of the undergraduate program, post-graduate level students can continue with Forensic Science, Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Genetics or Forensic Entomology.

For people who are interested in a lecturing position at the University, a senior lecturer position will be advertised in the Sunday Times and Rapport on 7th April. Preference will be given to candidates who are Forensic Scientists or those with a doctorate in Physics.

For more information contact Prof. Spies at SpiesJJ@ufs.ac.za

27 Responses to “Exciting new qualification in Forensic Science at The UFS”

  1. mangi says:

    hey. im currently doing my final year, Bsc in Genetics at the university of pretoria. i applied last year and i got rejected. what is the minimum requirements for a student who is already at varsity?

  2. zikode samukelisiwe says:

    m teacher for 4yrs can i enroll part time nd m hving 29 points

  3. Kelley Williams says:

    Hi I am in grade 12 but I am highly considering applying for this course this year for 2017. I just wanted to know if I complete the three year course what careers would I be able to.

  4. Hlengileti says:

    I am at grade 11 and I’m interested in forensic science, what are my chances to be admitted at its in 2018 if I do not life science as part of my subjects but I do maths and science?

  5. Good evening I am doing BSC degree in Microbiligy and Genetics so i wish to know if is it possibly to do honours in Forensic science with such degree in UFS

    • Lee says:

      Hi Thandekile. Thank you for your message. It is possible to complete a honours degree in forensic DNA analysis and UFS does offer this course. Students wishing to apply for entry to the honours programme should have a B. Sc. Degree with majors in Genetics, Biochemistry or Molecular Biology. Students who have not completed their undergraduate studies at the University of the Free State will have to possess a fundamental knowledge of DNA forensics as well as population genetics — third year modules currently taken by undergraduate students majoring in Genetics at UFS. UFS also now offers a part time B. Sc Honours Forensic Genetics course. ~ DNA Project Team

  6. Thandekile Hlongwane says:

    Good evening i am completing my Bsc degree in Microbilogy and Genetics this year novemver so i want to know if do you take such Degree for postgraduate programme in Forencsic Sciences

  7. Buntu says:

    Now tht I know what AP score i must obtain am more than setisfied thanks for info!

  8. sibulele says:

    good day

    Dont you guys offer Higher certificate in Forensic Science?

  9. harry moloto says:

    afternoon, i have masters in chemistry (material characterisation) and would love to study forensic science as i have been wanting to work in forensic field. how do one go about registering

  10. leseilane says:

    good day

    am post graduate student in possession of national diploma in policing, I would like to know what must I do to enrol for btech in forensic science