What is Forensic Photography?

Put simply, forensic photography (also known as forensic imaging or crime scene photography) relates to photography that is undertaken within a legal context, for example; providing an accurate visual record of an accident or crime scene.

In the process of aiding an investigation and/or legal proceedings in court, forensic photographers are called upon to photograph a wide range of subjects.

These include:

  • Crime Scenes
  • Gunshot Wounds
  • Bitemarks
  • Weapons
  • Trace Evidence
  • Autopsy Procedures

Less obvious but equally important photographic protocols include taking pictures of mail and newspapers to help establish date of death and photographs taken from the perspective of witnesses at the time of the crime etc.

The following short documentary by David Beazley takes a fascinating look at Forensic Photography through the eyes of Nick Marsh – a forensic photographer of over 20 years.


Forensic Photography – http://www.all-about-forensic-science.com/forensic_photography.html

The Forensic Photographerhttps://vimeo.com/120053370


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