Maggs on Media features DNA Project’s TV ad: Never Disturb a Crime Scene

Be sure to watch Maggs on Media this week where the making of the DNA Project crime scene project activation, funded by the Change a Life Trust,   will be aired on eNews Channel Africa (DSTV 403). Hear what Vanessa Lynch, Executive Director of The DNA Project has to say about the reason why this ad was made as well as how it was conceptualised by Fox P2, the creative genius behind the activation.

Maggs on Media will broadcast a behind the scenes look at how this amazing time lapse video was created. Tune in to eNews Channel Africa (DSTV 403) at the following times:
Sundays: 10H30 and 15H30
Monday: 23H30
Tuesday: 09H30
Thursday: 12H30
Friday: 21H30
Saturday: 16H30

The identity of the perpetrator has been lost..

Never disturb a crime scene!

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