Don’t look away

Don’t look away, act against abuse : 25 November – 10 December

Every year, NGO’s, government, civil-society organisations and the business sector, work together to to make people aware of the negative impact of violence on women and children and to act against abuse. By supporting this campaign, thousands of South Africans help to increase awareness of abuse and build support for victims and survivors of abuse.

The DNA Project is supporting a number of initiatives which assist survivors of rape and abuse and we will be featuring these initiatives on our website this week, so please, watch this space and see what you can do to help. Together, let us take action to stand behind the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children.

Please show your support of the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children between 25 November (International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) to 10 December (International Human Rights Day).

  • Support the campaign by wearing the white ribbon during the 16-day period: A white ribbon is a symbol of peace and symbolises the commitment of the wearer to never commit or condone violence against women and children.
  • Participate in the various 16 Days of Activism events and activities.
  • Volunteer in support of NGOs and community groups who support abused women and children: Many organisations need assistance from the public. You can volunteer your time and make a contribution to the work of institutions. Donate a handbag to the Handbag Project to give to victims of rape, help plant a garden at a shelter, sponsor plastic tables and chairs for kids at a clinic or join an organisation as a counsellor. Use your skills and knowledge to help the victims of abuse.
  • Donations: You can donate money to organisations working to end violence against women and children.
  • Speak out against woman and child abuse. Encourage silent female victims to talk about abuse and ensure that they get help. Report child abuse to the police. Encourage children to report bully behaviour to school authorities. Men and boys are encouraged to talk about abuse and actively discourage abusive behaviour.
  • Join community policing forums (CPFs). The community and the local police stations are active partners in ensuring local safety and security. The goal is to bring about effective crime prevention by launching intelligence-driven crime-prevention projects in partnership with the local community. You may want to also become a  reservist, a member of the community who volunteers his/her services and time to support local policing efforts to fight crime. For  more information on how to join, contact your local police station.
  • Seek help if you are emotionally, physically or sexually abusive to your partner and/or children. Call the Stop Gender Based Violence helpline (0800 150 150).
  • Talk to friends, relatives and colleagues to take a stand against abuse of women and children.
  • Try and understand how your own attitudes and actions might perpetuate sexism and violence.

Where to get help

Counselling and support for women

  • National Crisis Helpline (Lifeline) 0861 322 322
  • Stop Gender-Based Violence Helpline 0800 150 150
  • People Opposed to Women Abuse 011 642 4345
  • Family and Marriage Society of South Africa 012 460 0733
  • National Network on Violence Against Women 012 321 4959

Counselling and support for children

  • Childline 0800 055 555

Social Security

  • Child support grants 0800 601 011


  • Marie Stopes clinics 0800 11 77 85
  • Depression and Anxiety Group 011 783 1474
  • AIDS Helpline 0800 012 322
  • AID for AIDS 0860 100 646

Legal assistance

  • Legal Aid Board 011 845 4311
  • Lawyers for Human Rights 011 339 1960

Campaigns for men who support no violence

  • Men as Partners Project 011 833 0504

16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children

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