DNA Project’s Objectives

The DNA Project’s Objectives are to support the development and expansion of the National DNA  Database to the point where it provides a conclusive form of evidence to prosecute serious offenders as well as act as a deterrent of serious and repeat offenders in the future. This will be achieved in a number of ways, namely:

by way of raising funds in order to equip the FSL with crucial and much needed DNA profiling equipment which will help to reduce the current backlog of unanalysed DNA samples and biological evidence. The more equipment that is given to the FSL’s, the more chance we will have of  improving the FSL capacities to analyse more DNA samples which translates into a larger DNA Database.

to educate the public and key sectors of the community to safeguard a crime scene in order to maintain and preserve the integrity of DNA evidence.

to increase awareness of the importance of a COMPREHENSIVE National DNA Database so that key people in authority are informed of the benefits of DNA profiling technology for purging and solving crime in SA.

to effect changes in existing legislation which currently prevents DNA samples from being collected from convicted offenders – the amendment of current legislation will ensure that the DNA profiles of convicted offenders are added to the national DNA database, thereby making full use of the power of DNA technology to solve crimes and act as a deterrent.

to look at ways to further improve the capabilities and capacities of the FSL such as analyst training and continuing education, the purchase of additional upgraded laboratory equipment and supplies, scientific validation and implementation of new forensic technologies, facility modifications, and contractor-provided services for assistance in implementing new capabilities.

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