Carte Blanche features The DNA Project

Carte Blanche featured the DNA Project on its show, on Sunday 2 September 2007. Carte Blanche, through the efforts of DNA Project leader Vanessa Lynch, visited the prestigious FSS in the UK, Birmingham, where together, they were able to film the DNA Labs in action as well as interview key people within the FSS. Following the visits to the UK lab, Vanessa Lynch visited the NFI in Holland and met with the Dutch DNA Database Manager who told Vanessa It was not only part of his job but also a pleasure to receive her at the NFI. He went on to commend her devotion to the application of DNA-testing to solve crimes in South Africa, which he described as admirable and deserving of assistance.

Carte Blanche gave a brief outline of how the DNA Project started, and Rob Matthews and Vanessa Lynch shared their stories of tragedy and growth through the DNA Project. Thereafter the programme explored the use of DNA Profiling in crime resolution throughout the world and how this can be achieved in South Africa through the objectives of the DNA Project. Issues such as legislation changes, funding additional equipment, training and receiving outside assistance from institutions such as the FSS, were covered. Following the Carte Blanche program, The DNA Project has been overwhelmed by the flood of responses and offers of support, ranging from legal input, funding, raising awareness and innovative ideas, to name a few.

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