Applications and Nominations: National Forensic Oversight & Ethics Board



The Minister of Police hereby requests applications from persons from outside the public sector who wish to serve as a member of the National Forensic Oversight and Ethics Board or nominations of suitable persons to serve as a member of this Board. The applications by persons, or nominations of persons,

The National Forensic Oversight and Ethics Board is established in terms of the Criminal Law (Forensic Procedures) Amendment Act, 2013 (Act No. 37 of 2013) that was assented to by the President of the Republic on the 27 January 2014. In terms of the Act, the Minister of Police is required to appoint the National Forensic Oversight and Ethics Board.


In terms of section 15V of the Act, the National Forensic Oversight and Ethics Board consists of not more than ten persons appointed by the Minister on a part-time basis for a period not exceeding five years of whom—

  • five persons must be from outside the public sector with knowledge and experience in forensic science, human rights law or ethics relating to forensic science ; and
  • four persons must be from the public sector on the level of at least a Chief Director, namely–
  • the Secretary of Police or his or her representative;
  • a representative of the Department of Health who has knowledge in the field of DNA;
  • a representative from the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development who has a sound knowledge of constitutional law; and
  • a representative from the Department of Correctional Services

The Minister of Police will also appoint the chairperson of the Board who must be a retired judge or a senior advocate with knowledge and experience in the field of human rights.

The Minister of Police must report to the National Assembly on the appointment of the Board, including the names of the members of the Board and a synopsis of their expertise and suitability to serve on the Board.


The remuneration or payment of expenses for members of the Board, who are not appointed in terms of the Public Service Act, 1994, will be determined by the Minister of Police in consultation with the Minister of Finance.


  • Applications by persons, or persons nominated, must –
  • be a citizen of the Republic of South Africa;
  • be a fit and proper person to hold office as a member of the Board;
  • have the necessary qualifications and expertise as required by section 15V of the Act;
  • not be an un-rehabilitated insolvent;
  • not have been declared by a court to be mentally ill or unfit; or have been convicted of a criminal offence.


In terms of section 15Z of the Act, the Board must, amongst other functions-

  • monitor the implementation of the Act relating to sample collection, forensic DNA analysis and the National Forensic DNA Database (“NFDD”);
  • make proposals to the Minister-
  • on the improvement of practices regarding the overall operations of the NFDD;
  • the ethical, legal and social implications of the use of forensic DNA;
  • on the training and the development of criteria for the use of familial searches;
  • provide oversight over the processes relating to—
  • the collection, retention, storage, destruction and disposal of DNA samples; and
  • the retention and removal of forensic DNA profiles as provided for in this Act;
  • familial searches;
  • any breach in respect of the taking, transporting, analysis, storing, use and communication of DNA samples and forensic DNA profiles, including security breaches; and
  • security and quality management systems.
  • handle complaints about alleged violations relating to the abuse of DNA samples and forensic DNA profiles and security breaches and reporting to complainants in respect thereof;
  • provide reports to the Minister the outcome of every complaint; and
  • consider all reports submitted to it in terms of the Act


Persons nominated, or persons who apply to serve as a member of the Board must satisfy the requirements in terms of the Act. The successful applicant will be appointed for a period of not exceeding five years on such terms and conditions as the Minister may determine.

Nominations and applications must be submitted in writing to the Minister of Police (Attention: Ms Jenny Irish-Qhobosheane; DDG) c/o Private Bag X 922, PRETORIA, 0001 or the Civilian Secretariat for Police, 7th Floor, Van Erkom Building, 217 Pretorius Street, PRETORIA, 0001 by not later than the closing date. The nomination or application, a signed confirmation that the candidate meets all the statutory requirements for appointment and the candidate’s detailed curriculum vitae with supporting documents.

CLOSING DATE: The closing date for applications is the 7th March 2014. Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.

ENQUIRIES: Ms Jenni Irish-Qhobosheane

Secretary of Police: DDG

Contact: 012 – 393 2519



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