Let’s debate this privacy issue for once and for all!

UCT are hosting a debate on the Ethical Challenges of using a Forensic DNA Database in South Africa this evening, the 11 May 2011 as part of the Darwin Seminar Series they organise each year.

I will be debating the Social and Legal Implications of a National DNA Database against a member of MERAN (Medical Rights Advocacy Network), Poonitha Naidoo. MERAN submitted a number of objections to the Portfolio Committee last year regarding the draft DNA Bill – amongst their objections were that the DNA Bill represented an invasion of privacy, an abuse of police powers and was unethical.

The DNA Project obviously advocates for the urgent promulgation of the DNA Bill to fully maximise the potential  of a DNA Database as a crime fighting tool in SA. Whilst we are sensitive to certain concerns around the retention of DNA samples (as opposed to profiles) and the way in which a DNA Database should be managed, we believe that the draft legislation adequately retains an appropriate balance between the rights of individuals and the respect for privacy.

If you are in Cape Town today *the 11th May 2011, please join me in this critical debate on the social and ethical challenges of a National DNA Database in SA. We expect a large number of academics to attend, and hope to enjoy a lively, intellectual and intelligent debate on these issues.

When: 11/05/2011 6-8 pm
Venue: New Learning Centre, Health Sciences Campus, UCT, Medical Faculty
Phone: 0215570246
RSVP: linet@hippocommuincations.com

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Please see our events page for other upcoming DNA workshops and events in May 2011.

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