A warm letter of thanks

Towards the end of last year we received a wonderful email from a young lady thanking us for the work we do that we would like to share with everyone.

Good day.

My name is Pearl Mabuela and I’m a 15 year old girl. I really am a big fan of this organization, since the age of 7 I’ve always wanted to be a forensic scientist or work in the criminology faculty. Very soon, I’ll be going to university (I’m in grade 10) and I thought of MONASH university because they offer Criminology, Philosophy, Anthropology and Enviromental science,  All the things I want to do. Unfortunately, as I looked upon the requirements for University of Free state I was quite sad because I don’t have some of the required subjects for Forensic science, but I won’t give up I’ll give all in!

All I wanted to say was THANK YOU because all this while I’ve been telling my parents that forensics, anthropology and philosophy are not regarded as important In our country. I felt like forensics was dying out day by day, but because of you guys I realised that it’s still alive and rising up above all! Watching shows like Forensic detectives, medical detectives, Forensic scientists, Dr. G medical examiner, I was murdered, CSI and so many more really made me have an ambition towards forensics. The other day they broke into our house and the forensic detectives came, as they were collecting fingerprints I was busy telling my mom everything they’ll do and how they will do it, she was quite shocked that I was correct (laughs) but, I just told her “That’s my future job” .

So thank you! You gave me hope again! May God bless all of you abundantly.

Pearl Mabuela

(A young teen in action!)

We were absolutely thrilled to receive such a lovely email and wish to give Pearl a BIG thank you for sharing with us her great story and wish to become a forensic scientist.

The forensic community will definitely benefit from having such a passionate young lady joining their ranks and we wish her the very best with her future studies and look forward to her one day becoming a CSI=)

DNA Project Team


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