A Time to Shine

What makes an awareness campaign successful? Not being a creative myself, I have no idea what formula one would use to determine this. As a layman in this arena, I simply rely on feedback. And our Cape Town Station ‘Never Disturb a Crime Scene’ Ad, has received more than its share of feedback over the last few months – in fact it has positively shined through. So many people have seen our ad and commended us on  a great idea with such a clear message. But these accolades do not belong to us and there are so many people we need to thank for this:

Thanks to FoxP2 for conceiving this unbelievable idea. They are a team of creative geniuses who managed to pull this off and they deserve all the credit for a great activation.

Thanks to the incredible  Change a Life Trust for helping us fund this project. Together you are helping us  not only change, but save lives.

Thanks to etv for giving us 820 airtime slots over the last few months at a value of over R6 000 000 at no cost to ourselves. Thanks also goes to DSTV for giving us 250 airtime slots at a value of over R3 300 000 at no cost to ourselves. They both believed in our work and were willing to be a part of a collective solution to try and educate the South African public as to the importance of preserving evidence on a crime scene in order to help secure convictions. Without their generous platforms, we would not have been able to disseminate this critical message.

Thanks to Amplicon Public Relations, part of the FoxP2 Group, for helping us disseminate the ad through all forms of social media and congratulations goes out to them too as they recently won Bronze in the “PR on a shoestring” category with their DNA Project “Station Activation” entry at the 2013 PRISM Awards.

Bronze Prism Award goes to The DNA Project Ad

Bronze Prism Award goes to The DNA Project Ad

And last but not least, thanks to you, the public, for watching our ad. Everyone who has seen our ad has given us such positive feedback: they tell us that they just ‘GET IT!’ and I think that is the key to a successful awareness campaign.



Vanessa Lynch

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