A message from our amazing Funders: Change a Life

Dear Change a Lifer

Every year in September, we get together for this event – great people, fantastic camaraderie, huge commitment – it is truly amazing. And then you realize that we have done this seven times and by the time we hand out the money from this tour, we will have given R25m to our project owners and their projects, and those feelings of amazement really become quite overwhelming.

It makes me extremely proud to be a small part of this – as I know it does for all of you.

In whatever capacity you contributed – as a cyclist, a sponsor, a member of the incredibly dedicated support crew – and so many of you have more than one role – it is your commitment that has made this Mystery Masquerade Tour yet another huge success for Change a Life.

This commitment is best demonstrated by the supreme efforts of the MTB team on the last day – 12 hours in the saddle – 255 Ks. Quite exceptional.

It’s the consistency of your support, however, that demonstrates the loyalty to Change a life – in whatever capacity you participate. So many of you were back again. The support crew epitomise this with many examples of dedication of which I will mention just two: Raymond Tloubatla, an ex‑Computershare employee, took leave from his new employer just to be with us and Wayne Fillis, whose only connection is that he is a friend of one of our employees, did likewise.

And when it comes to talking about loyalty and consistent commitment, what about Jonathan Scott? He gives so much of himself and his time in ensuring that we all have an exceptional experience.  He is always available and gives so much more than determining the route – he gets involved in every aspect of putting the Tour together; his knowledge and advice are absolutely invaluable.

Vanessa Lynch giving "Change a Lifers" feedback at a past event

Vanessa Lynch giving "Change a Lifers" feedback at a past event

We have now completed two-thirds of the seventh tour with the most important element – the report back – still to come. We look forward to seeing you all again at our next family gathering in about six weeks’ time when our project owners bring us up to date on the progress they have made.

On behalf of Ursula and myself, Change a Life and the Mike Thomson Change a Life Trust, our dedicated project owners and all the people whose lives they are changing – a most sincere thank you for your generous participation in the seventh Change a Life Cycle Tour and for the loyal support you all continue to give us.

We are making a difference!

Stan and Ursula

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