A career in Forensics in South Africa

We receive emails on a daily basis enquiring about a career in Forensic Analysis in South Africa. We have put together a list of FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS  which will give you some insight into this field and what is required should you wish to pursue a career in forensics in South Africa:

1. What field of forensic science does the DNA Project focus on?

There are many fields in forensic science and we can only provide you with information on forensic genetics. The DNA Project focuses specifically on the use of DNA from biological material that can be used as evidence in criminal cases. This type of work is
generally done in a laboratory where the scientist will receive evidence from a crime scene, extract DNA from the evidence if possible and thereafter obtain a DNA profile of the individual in question. The DNA profile obtained from crime scene evidence will then
be compared with the DNA profile from a suspect. If they match then it means that the suspect must have been at the crime scene. In contrast if there is no match then the suspect is innocent.
The DNA Project does not have any laboratories of our own and we are not involved with any casework. We function merely as an NGO whose objectives include the implementation of a DNA awareness campaign where we educate people who are likely to be the first at a crime scene on the importance of DNA evidence as well as how to contain and not contaminate a crime scene. In addition, we are lobbying for changes to the existing legislation regarding the use of DNA evidence and a DNA Database to assist
in the detection and conviction of offenders.

2. What subjects do I need to take at school if I want to study to become a forensic DNA analyst?
You will need to take Physical Science, Life Science (Biology) and core Maths for matric in order to be accepted at a University offering a BSc degree in Molecular Biology.

3. How can I study to become a DNA analyst at a forensic science laboratory?
If you are considering a career in Forensic Genetics (DNA) then you would need to complete a B.Sc. and major in Genetics and Biochemistry or Molecular Biology. This can be done at a number of Universities such as Pretoria, University of Cape Town, University of Stellenbosch, University of Free State and University of KZN. The B.Sc. degree takes 3 years to complete. Thereafter you would need to complete an honours degree (1 year) where you would specialise in forensic DNA analysis. Currently there are
two Universities offering such a degree. These are the University of Free State and the University of Cape Town. Such a degree would qualify you for employment at the State Forensic Science Laboratory (part of SAPS) or other private laboratories offering services such as paternity testing.

The contact person at UFS is Dr. Karen Ehlers: EhlersK.SCI@ufs.ac.za

The contact person at UCT is Dr. Marise Heyns: marise.heyns@uct.ac.za
All the above-mentioned courses are offered at postgraduate level at University. Alternatively, a diploma in forensic science is offered by a company called Forensics 4 Africa. In this regard you could contact Pierre Joubert at: pierre@forensics4africa.com

Students at work at the UFS Genetics Dept.

4. Can I do an internship or job shadow someone at the DNA Project?
The DNA Project does not have any laboratories of their own and are not involved with
any case work. We function merely as an NGO that tries to assist the State Forensic
Science Laboratory to operate more efficiently. At present our primary objectives include
a DNA awareness campaign where we educate people who are likely to be the first at a
crime scene on the importance of DNA evidence as well as how to contain and not
contaminate a crime scene.
Unfortunately due to contamination issues, as well as the sensitive nature of criminal
casework, I do not think it will be possible for you to job shadow anyone at the State
Forensic Science Laboratory. You could however contact one of the private laboratories
to see if they would have anything available. This would give you some idea only of the
type of laboratory work you would be involved with. Some private laboratories include:
Pathcare, Unistel, GENEDiagnostics and Lancet.

5. How do I find out about employment opportunities in the field of forensic biology?

In terms of employment opportunities, your best bet would be to obtain employment within the South African Police Force – the structure under which all disciplines of forensics fall. The State labs are often looking for new staff members. They generally advertise in the Sunday papers and advertise for a number of posts at the same time.

The new state-of-the-art Forensic Lab in Plattefkloof, Cape Town

The new state-of-the-art Forensic Lab in Plattefkloof, Cape Town

Whenever we are notified of posts that are available you will find the information on our blog. The last advertisement can be found  here. Alternatively, you  can contact some private laboratories which do work on cases such as paternity testing: Pathcare, Unistel, GENEDiagnostics and Lancet.

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  1. nontobeko says:

    Good day. I did my matric last year and now I wish to do forensic. I need to know where I could do it and what are the requirements for its degree.

  2. maggie says:

    I’m maggie just doing grade 11 , considering to do something in forensics what are the matric requirements to get into universities and are the any bursaries or scholarship by any association related to forensics south africa.

  3. Cyrilleen Mckay says:

    Good day My name is Cyrilleen McKay. I have just finished a B.Sc degree in Physiology and Anatomy at the university of Stellenbosch. I have been accepted to do my honours in Physiology and have decided to focus on Disease signaling. I would like to know how to further go about getting into Pathology. I intend on doing my Masters in Forensic Sciences at UCT, but would like to gain some experience. I would very much appreciate any information on how to make the transition from physiology to Pathology. Thank you very much for your time.
    Kind regards.

  4. Jerobiam says:

    Hey I am a final year studemt at the university of Stellenbosch, doing BSc in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. I have been accepted as part of the top 15 applicants to do my Honours in Microbiology where a lot of Molecular Techniques for Laboratories will be applied as well added to your thesis. I want to be a Forensic Analysist as well. Is this possible?

  5. frans says:

    hi guys my name is frans I am currently doing grade 11.after matric I want to study forensic.my question is that what are the requirements for studying forensic. In my maths,physics, life sciences how much must I obtain

  6. Michelle says:

    Hello, I have a daughter who wants to become a Forensic Investigator – White Collar Crimes, can anyone advise what subjects should she be doing at school grade 10 onwards. Also what degree should she be studying towards?

  7. Zane says:

    HI, I’m Zane. I would like to persue a career at the Forensic Services at the police department. Does anyone know a website where I can look up more on the job seeing as I am still deciding between this and law

  8. Ayanda mkhuthu says:

    Hi my name is Ayanda and I am currently studying forensic investigation at Intec collage.so my question is what would I need or must I add in order to pursue the carrier in forensic detective?

    • Hey Ayanda Mkhuthu, I suggest that u do forensic psychology in this way u will understand the core of criminology. Be able to read criminal minds, be able to read different minds of different people and of different centuries which can be very good for a forensic detection.

  9. lebo says:

    Hi im studying a BA in forensic science and technology @ the unversity of south africa i would like to ask if the DNA / forensic saps would consider me becouse most of our module are based on law and criminology not medical science,
    Can i get more information about the DNA project my email.is above
    Thank you

  10. Sorry I did know about this course I’m just new in fact I’m applying for it you tell me I did nursing in G.E.M health care .

    • TM TWALA says:

      Hey Lebo & others Doing a BA In Forensic can we communicate via whatsapp so that we could help each other guys about all the information and everything please email me here: Mzansikanye2@mail.com so that i can get your numbers

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